Diminishing Vitality

February 18th, 2010

Sweet revitalizing slumber eludes me
Thoughts stalking me in the darkness
Believing I have evaded melancholy
Feelings rematerialize once again

Craving melodious, gentle liberty
Indifference to departed moments
Glaringly aching for personal entirety
Absent nonetheless in my spirit

Principle, significance in living?
Uncertain if there is any longer
Existence lackluster within
Without anticipation of ardor

Inspiration surges and weakens
Dissuaded by means of actuality
A detractor to value in being
Disconnected from my soul

Beseeching on behalf of lucidity
To sense the amour of divinity
Yet excessive responsibilities
Present no instant to delay

Simply surviving life’s pace

Shrouded Sentiment

February 17th, 2010

Wearing a chameleon’s coat
She veils her emotions to all
Concealing her deepest desires
To chance she will not befall

Secured beneath smiling eyes
Her lips scarlet and cheery
Each situation she’ll disguise
No matter what the query

Some may think her distant
While others deem her proud
Altering emotion in an instant
Keeping passions enshroud

Is there not a soul so tender?
To remove the chameleon coat
Revealing her hidden splendor
Freeing her from her rote

Sadly he has not yet emerged
Liberating her from the cloak
She continues, her only scourge
Emotions patiently revoked

Daily Mutation

January 13th, 2010

The dark dense wasteland
Of physical existence
Drooling through a day
With little persistence
Molasses troll faster
Than my dawdling alertness
Nothing to provoke
This perpetual inertness
At last night eliminates
Daylights obscurity
Stars shine through
The solar impurity
Lunar kisses
Encourage sudden purity
As the evening inspires
Mental maturity

Tell Me It Is Ok

January 11th, 2010

Whispers spoken
From your heart to my soul
Forgiveness murmurs
Vibrations unfold
It is ok to love
Let your devotion show
Release your fears
Let ardor bestow
Worry and angst
Obscure the truth
Once well known
By yesterday’s youth
Absolve hidden sorrows
Free the hurt
To unpolluted love
Let’s revert

Flawed Bijou

January 8th, 2010

Hidden underneath all my smiles and lies
I’m falling apart, withering in disguise
I feel no one loves me, no ones concerned
With my feelings, no one can discern

I go on with all the day to day existing
Still inside the rain continues misting
I want to feel love, unconditional and grand
Not the usual shared commercially canned

I hate how others in my stereotypical life
Can’t see past themselves and see my strife
I’m tired of doing for everyone but me
For once in my life I want to be the queen

I build up my ego by seducing my mind
Making it think that this existence is fine
If I stay busy enough, I do not wane
And have no problem playing this game

It is when I pause in every day’s race
That I can not stand to continue the chase
For happiness that can only subsist
When selfishness no longer exists