October 28th, 2011

I spent what felt like a lifetime
Hearing him tell me I am wrong
Any ideas or expressions
Shot down before too long

Harsh words and a demeaning tone
Forever set me in my place
On no account allowed to grow
Submission hid my grace

How will I escape from his grasp?
Seemed an unattainable dream
One I would not dare to express
Hopeless, what my life seemed

Day upon day of functioning
With no care about what I did
A robot of expectations
With no consent to live

Yet, in my quiet moments
Instances when no one was near
I dare to let my mind wander
Peaking out from the fear

Of beautiful days of sunshine
To be free to do as I please
Composing books full of fancy
Sitting in the warm breeze

I’m not certain how they started
But my feelings began to grow
The cause of further dissension
He reaped what he had sown

Victory was not his to taste
I finally broke from his hold
Free to unearth my love for life
No longer in his mold

Now, I’m living the vision
I thought would never exist
Recovering from his control
Each day of utter bliss

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