Ambling Existence

January 31st, 2011

Ambling along expressionless,
Oblivious to the hustling pace
I’m neither despondent nor joyless
Simply surviving in life’s constant race

By way of scrutiny you conclude
A deficiency of passion in life
Contrary to what you have construed
Exhaustions not my solitary strife

Clawing skyward indefinitely
Aching for reprieve from stifling debt
Emotive and pecuniary
Plummeting in a chasm of regret

Rising to achieve the height of life
Outcroppings hindering any progress
Pausing, reclaiming my breath from strife
Sensing the slippage, progress regresses

Reassembling resolute thoughts
Ascension once again the objective
Tired, fatigued, mentally distraught
Success, triumph my only incentives

Longing for a substantial respite
It escapes as I collapse once again
Resisting the desire to quit
Ambling forward until I ascend

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