Sweet Dreams

June 17th, 2007

So beautiful she is with her eyes closed tight
Sleeping away the pain from that night
Drifting off with thoughts and dreams of him
Sleeping away, her fantasy begins

His eyes stare intently deep in her soul
Her feelings releasing, losing control
His arms around her, comforting, calming
Deeper in sleep, she forgets her surroundings

Squeezing her pillow, she dreams it is him
Holding him tightly, stirring feelings within
His hands run slowly down delicate curves
Exploring her body, his close to hers

A gentle nibble, warm breath, a tender kiss
Imagining him there, she’s in utter bliss
Eyes connecting as he enters her lightly
Her back arches as she moans slightly

Waves of pleasure wash over their beings
Collapsing together, heavily breathing
Such a wonderful dream to get her through
Until the day she’ll wake up next to you

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