Flawed Bijou

January 8th, 2010

Hidden underneath all my smiles and lies
I’m falling apart, withering in disguise
I feel no one loves me, no ones concerned
With my feelings, no one can discern

I go on with all the day to day existing
Still inside the rain continues misting
I want to feel love, unconditional and grand
Not the usual shared commercially canned

I hate how others in my stereotypical life
Can’t see past themselves and see my strife
I’m tired of doing for everyone but me
For once in my life I want to be the queen

I build up my ego by seducing my mind
Making it think that this existence is fine
If I stay busy enough, I do not wane
And have no problem playing this game

It is when I pause in every day’s race
That I can not stand to continue the chase
For happiness that can only subsist
When selfishness no longer exists

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