Agonizing Memoirs

December 18th, 2009

It was a toxic life we lived
Yes, you and I
Both of us taking, never to give
Selfishness destroyed
That what we held dear

Losing track of the other
Smiles revealing sneers
Bound to break, one way or another
It was I with the last straw

Piled it on our haystack
Exposing both our flaws

Often I seem to ponder
‘What if’ either of us changed
It’s then I need a reminder
‘Nothing will ever change’

Yet the dreams still haunt me
The nightmares remain the same
Hard to express
This strange emptying pain
I know it will never leave
Waiting for a chance to strike
The minute there is a lull
In the happiness in my life

I thought I could leave you behind
Move on with my path
But every time I start to live
The memories pull me back

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