Essential Rebirth

November 27th, 2009

Phone rings, the receiver I lift
My love he calls, his voice a gift
His tone is cold, bitter as ice
Words spoken clear and concise
I do not love you, never will
Simply used you for my own thrill
Falling to the floor, can’t be true
Why did you say ‘I love you’?
Tears now flowing, I hear no more
Lying cold on the kitchen floor
The earpiece cackles, the room spins
Agony seeps deep within
Pills to dull the anguish inside
The more I swallow, less I cry
Ache dulling I now realize
Leaving behind earthly ties
Looking down, as I rise above
Completely swathed in rapture’s love
Astonished by this raw emotion
Stopped short from forward motion
Lessons failed in this life I lived
Distress and pain I must relive
Directly back to the mortal plane
To begin my journey over again

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