Fatal Euphony

November 2nd, 2009

Here she sits a beautiful siren
Splendor calls, drawing men near
If you listen, you’ll hear them crying
Exposing their heartfelt fears
Emitting her grace, worries she’ll soothe
Holding them nearest her heart
Her voice cooing as their hair she smooths
Their qualms begin to depart
Melting away their doubts with rhythm
Single note purred at a time
Secretly trapping them in prison
Their gender their only crime
Some may think of this a tragedy
While others deem it just
Still treating her as a majesty
Men overflowing with lust
Continuing to lull with music
Their death is slowly nearing
The men do not appear to be sick
The siren so endearing
Once more she enjoys her solitude
Men laying in fleshy heaps
Her reasoning to most does elude
No company shall she keep

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