Missing Muse

November 2nd, 2009

Simple, heartfelt words spilled to the page
Spewing feelings demeaning, and full of rage
Hate and resentment expressed with rhyme
Inspiration stirred by tumultuous times
All seemed lost, desperate for a change
Writing daily numbed the unwavering pain
Always thinking “I’m a dreadful wife”
Feeling lost and alone in a busy life
Numbing ache, to penning I’d divert
Reactions to my own creating the hurt
Moved on from an unfulfilling time
Difficulties flourish in unearthing rhyme
Pleasure and joy intensely abound
Regardless, my muse is deficient in sound
Loves expressions arouse daily bliss
Going to write, the page remains an abyss
Yearning for insight, prompts I wander
Still an empty slate, my day I do squander

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