Emotional Home

October 2nd, 2009

Welcome here to my emotional home
Nothings subdued, everything’s shown
The splendid entry crimson with fury
It’s a little dark, but don’t you worry
Here is the parlor azure with gloom
Leading to the salient sitting room
Light and airy with a lavender breeze
Its here we’ll sit and rest if you please
When we are finished, on we will tour
We’ll enter the study, this part is newer
Blond and golden as summer pleasure
A feeling of warmth you can not measure
Then to the library, with a ginger pace
Draped with panels of emerald lace
This is where I come to express my soul
When life seems a bit beyond control
Past the lace, beyond the French doors
We’ll enter the terrace with so much more
Flora and Flowers luminous and frilly
Cerulean blue bells, orange luscious lilies
It is here I find I am most at peace
Where all my sorrow and worries cease
Shall we walk to the front of my home?
I realize now, you must be going
Come again soon, the décor will be altered
Depending on how my emotions will falter

One Response to “Emotional Home”

  1. Ben says:

    You paint such beautiful artwork with your words.
    I love it!

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