I’m Sorry Dad

September 15th, 2009

©Rona Kelly
The chaos abounds in my empty heart
I want to live and be free
But he won’t allow me to start

Stuck in a home where love isn’t a choice
Controlling and demeaning
He never hears my voice

Trying so hard to prove my worth to him
The anger and yelling
His intelligence too dim

Anxious for the day I am free of his grasp
I run out of the house
Down the meadow path

I sit for a while, contemplate my pain
Yearning for love
I start to cry again

How can I stand and return to that place
Knowing inside of me
To him I’m a disgrace

For being the replica of the woman he once loved
And for her sins
I will always be judged

Never looked lovingly at as his daughter
Just the constant reminder
Of how he has lost her

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