Dream a little Dream

September 13th, 2009

I could see the low cloud as I walked down the sidewalk. No bigger round than the size of a car, it was an odd site with clear skies. Flat and even, the sidewalk lay ahead. A newer development, the houses set back of the street a short ways. Cars parked here and there along the newly paved street. A small crowd had already begun to gather looking up in the purple haze that hung just a few feet above their heads. Excitement buzzed through the air, smiles adorn their faces. Approaching closer, the electricity in the cloud became more visible; the appearance of stationary thunder bolts and bouncing springs embellished the purple mist. I could feel the love emanating from the crowd and became eager to experience as they were. Nearing the excitement, the fog began to morph into an orange yellowish color, rippling waves rolling towards the outer edge. Looking up the brightness was blinding, causing me to shield my eyes. I strained to open them fully and focus on the center of the cloud which seemed to be emitting energy into the crowd. My heart so full, it felt as if it were to explode with joy and delight. I wanted to be able to be surrounded by the mist, anticipating a feeling of safety and absolute love. The more I concentrated, the more it eluded me, everyone around me dissolving and disappearing. The mist enveloping itself, folding inside until it disappeared into a stainless steel square, with refrigerator like doors closing and then shrinking until completely gone. Standing alone, I pause wondering what had just happened. Completely in awe and knowing it was special I could not wait to share it with you. You of all people would understand me and not think I was crazy.

I continue down the sidewalk and turn right at the corner, proceeding down a short stretch of deserted road that curved to the right slightly. I turn onto another residential street. It does not take long to get to my home. I come to the front door. It was blocked. I come around to the garage side and come into the house. Coming in I can see why the door was would not open, Amber had brought an armload of exotic houseplants home and they lay strewn on the floor. I smile, still full of from my exuberant experience. The house and the surroundings dissolve around me, and I am sitting next to you. Your eyes smiling more brightly than your lips, you begin to tell me of the crazy dream you had about a cloud of energy. I smile knowingly, connecting eyes that shower you with love. A familiar feeling I have experienced a hundred times over when I am with you.

And then I wake up.

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