August 31st, 2009

Your lips are moving you’re not saying any words
Your flailing arms make you look absurd
So much energy, your emotions are exhausted
Watching you, I’m not sure why you’ve lost it
Take some responsibility for your own actions
Instead of blaming others and scoffing infractions
Your negativity breeds with your every breath
If you’re not careful it will end in your death
You don’t seem to care as you still blame others
Retreating at times to hide behind your mother
Maybe some day you will modify your behavior
Then it may be possible to be someone’s savior
However until then you’ll just imagine that you are
Continually struggling but never getting far
Some days I feel for you, the ignorance you display
But then you open your mouth and it fades away
Brain to mouth disease the diagnostic decision
Hard to believe with it you’ve never seen prison

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