My Dream

July 14th, 2007

I dreamt of you last night. It was a strange, yet intriguing dream. I often wonder about the symbolism of dreams. I was at the local country club, many people I knew had gathered for the festivities. As I stood in the doorway looking in at all those waiting for the evening to start, I was surprised to see you there. You appeared to be in charge, telling the band where to set up and apologizing to those arriving for the delay. I took a seat at a near by table, watching you. I was so surprised to see you in person for talking with you online for so long. I questioned to myself whether or not it could really be you.

You caught me staring in your direction, with a huge grin you smiled at me, as if you knew that you would see me there. Winking in my direction, you returned to your work. I continued to watch you. You were more than I had imagined. You were taller, so incredibly handsome. How I longed for your attention, I wanted for you to walk towards me and acknowledge my desire for you.

As if reading my thoughts, you walked my way as the band begun to play. Staring up at you I was froze with anticipation. You reached out for my hand and I reached back up to yours, pulling me up to my feet, you immediately wrapped your arms around me while staring deep into my eyes. Oh how those eyes made my knees weak! Melting into your arms, you lead me out to the dance floor. I could feel everyone watching, yet could not pull my self away from your eyes.

Sensations from your touch consumed me. How I craved for this day. Aching to know how you smelled, felt, to be so close! Holding me tight, you moved along with the music. I felt as if I was not touching the ground. Smiling constantly as you stared deep into my eyes.

I hadn’t realized it, but you had moved back into the direction of the table where I had sat. You leaned over, causing me to take a seat back in my chair. Stroking my face, you kissed my forehead and said you must go. Watching you go, unable to speak from the shock of being so close, I woke up, now craving you more than I had before.

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