Spiritual Orgasm

September 8th, 2007

We walk along side each other, your hand in mine. Looking up from the ground I meet your eyes and smile back at you. It is so peaceful and quiet out here. Being near you fills me up, my cares vanish and nothing else exists. Approaching the lake, there are sounds of frogs croaking, and the crickets chirping. The sun has begun to set. Getting chilled, you spread a blanket on the ground and wrap another around us. Without speaking a word, you lean in to kiss me, keeping your eyes locked with mine. I close my eyes aching for my time with you not to end. I know you will have to go soon and my heart will ache until we see one another once more. I can feel your hands tracing my curves, I feel myself melt into you as if we are one.

On another level, we drift above our bodies, becoming entwined in one another’s spirit. Swirling and spinning, dancing to the sound of our own music. Beautiful shapes and forms expose themselves as we interlace. The wind joins; pushing us into each other, raising us high in the air and sucking us back down again. Screaming and whistling through the pleasure. Seeping back into our earthly forms, we lay catching our breath, smiling contently at one another. I lean in for another kiss, feeling you disappear from my grasp as I once again awake.

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