Speaking with Spirits

October 10th, 2007

I was almost asleep when you called my name. I did not recognize your voice. You told me your name which I did not recognize either. Repeating your name I feel myself beginning to wake. I struggle to remain in this mediate state, as I feel a surge of energy caress my spine. Hearing waves on waves rolling in the background, you speak with me again. I wish I could still remember the words, but too much of me is struggling to stay here as my body tries to wake me. I feel my face flush as another spasm rockets through my back. The waves begin to echo into the noise of a TV with out a channel. I can feel you fading away as I continue to repeat your name. I don’t want to leave! Don’t go away! I am wide awake and it is over before I know it. I struggle to hold onto the details before I lose them. I long to return to that state.

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