Soul Friends

October 11th, 2007

I could feel your eyes before I knew you were there. Your presence stirring electric impulses in my nerves to tell me you were near. My heart is racing, my breath short. My eyes meet yours as I look up. Time slows and everyone around beings to move in slow motion. I feel as if this moment lasts forever, my mind racing as my body is trapped. The voices tell me to run to your arms and clutch you before you can leave. The panic of losing you again overcomes the happiness from seeing your face so close.

We walk by each other in slow motion, the words and clatter around us blurred into slow, deep drawn out noises. Even though I am still speaking with my companion, my eyes never leave yours. I am forgetting the words I speak before they even leave my lips. We are so close we could touch, both turning our heads towards each other as we pass, maintaining eye contact, a connection between two souls.

I can feel your presence again, I know you are near. Glimpses of you taunt my memories, stir my being. I have known you before and I will know you again. Crossing the parallels of time and defining all things. The connection we have is true and rare. The riddles we navigate, solving a puzzle at last, will bring the pasts all to light. Overcoming the barriers that have been placed before us will only make that connection deeper.

I long for knowledge, as much as I long for freedom. You set me free from the constraints that have been placed upon me, driving me deeper into the ideas I buried long ago. But you have always been there in spirit, cheering me along, encouraging me to be. Writing about you and thinking of you fills my heart full once again. Thoughts of you send me about with a smile on my face and a purpose in my core. We have found each other once again, as we continue to do through out eternity.

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