Purple Pig Full Of Glee

August 7th, 2008

The little purple pig went flying through the air
Drifting along without a single care
A dream to fly she has always had
To feel happy and free and never sad

Not sure how she got here, she continues to soar
Enjoying the feeling, she only wants more
Her little twisted tail wiggling with delight
A smile across her face on her virgin flight

“What are you doing?” she hears in the corner of her mind
“Flying around like you have all this time?”
A magenta giraffe is speaking directly to her
Still trying to focus, he seems in a blur

“What do you mean?” she asks ever so calm
“What’s there to do besides floating around?”
She rolls over, tummy now soaking up the sun
Arms backstroking, having so much fun

“There are things to do, people to see”
“No time for your thinking of ME ME ME”
“Your selfish ways really need to stop”
The giraffe snorts, “This is over the top”

Seeing clearly now, the pig floats by the giraffe
Looking in his eyes, as she begins to laugh
“Take life too serious, and surely you will die”
“Stressing and anxious, all you can do is cry”

“I’ve lived that life once” she continues to speak
“Moping and crying for weeks and weeks”
“Now I will do as I have always desired”
“Which is keep on floating higher and higher”

Drifting higher she leaves the giraffe below
Smiling and merry, letting her happiness show
Here and there if you’re lucky you’ll see
A floating purple pig bursting with glee

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