Eternal Love

December 28th, 2007

©2007 Benjamin E Howen III

©2007 Benjamin E Howen III

He kisses her knees as she falls asleep
Wishing he could take her place
A beauty fallen to an awful beast
It’s only a matter of time

Stroking her hair he reminisces
To just a short time ago
When she lived without healing kisses
It was then she felt just fine

Weak with pain her energy ceases
Her time is drawing near
Tears fall and his pain increases
He can’t stop the crying

He knows buried deep in his soul
They will meet on The Other Side
But he doesn’t want to lose control
“I just made her mine”

She slips away, her time is done
But her love is not deceased
An eternity their souls are one
As they continue to grace all time

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