Frightened Consequence

August 29th, 2012

Wearing the old tattered rags
I walked away from you with
The days have taken their toll
While I continue adrift
I was unable to cope
With your struggle for power
Always suffocating me
My yearning for love soured
Everything finally blew up
We had one last final fight
Resulting in departure
I left on that dreadful night
Now it is the streets I roam
Wandering without function
Yet anything is better
Than your constant compunction
I hide in the dark shadows
And move about in the night
Afraid that they will find me
For calmly taking your life

A Short Story by Amy Kay

March 16th, 2012

The long black hair had a long life. It rode atop the scalp of a one Cary Liu. Slowly he saw his friends leaving the scalp and wondered when would be the day that he would also let go of his roots and leave. Where would he go? He saw the horrors of many of his friends going down the drain or being whisked away and put in the garbage. Some would hang on as long as they could, grasp to the bowls of the sink for as long as possible. He also saw some of his friends hiding in the corners of the rooms hoping to not be discovered. In one horrifying afternoon he saw a huge clump of his friends tangled in a massacred mess as they exited the appliance used to wash clothes.

He was determined not to have any of those things happen to him. But what could he do? Where could he possibly go that he would not be found? A place he could peacefully live out the end of his days with out being disturbed or tossed aside. He began plotting. As the scalp he traveled upon roamed about he would contemplate and ponder over the possibilities. What if he just let go one afternoon in a warm summer breeze? He would ride along on the wind exploring places he could never see before while on his limited scalp. No, it was too risky, eventually he would settle to the ground and who knows what he might land in. How about in the corner of the big machine his scalp rode around in? Rarely was it cleaned. A long life he could live out there before the sucking machine came along and got him. But he decided he could not take the anxiety of not knowing when that would be. Surely he would have a panic attack each time the machine was opened.

At last he had determined where he wanted to spend eternity. Like a cat stalking their prey, he made sure he knew every route he would need to take in order to get to rest in this final place. It would not be easy. He would not only need the scalp to perform certain gestures, but he would also need to detach from the scalp at an exact time. This was something that was out of his control. He knew the days were drawing nearer; he’d had a few scares already that he was not going to detach in the place he wanted. Similar to a loose tooth, you know it is about time, but not quite yet. Each time they would pass his desired final resting place, he would draw a breath and try to will himself from the scalp, but it hadn’t worked yet.


Cleaning her house was habit for Amy. Her mind constantly scouted out the next deep clean, remembering to clean out the microwave, sweep underneath the furniture, and dust between the rails on the stairs. It was never ending. Not that it was exhausting; just there was always the next project to work on. Of course there were always areas that eluded her. This particular day she did not have a ton of energy, but this project had been nagging her for a while. She had disassembled and scrubbed all the surfaces she could find, removing stains and smells that had been there for who knows how long. As she removed the last pieces of the assembly, there he was. Who knows how long he had survived down there by himself, at least a year or so. Wondering how the hair had gotten there, Amy wiped it up with the rest of the debris and discarded it in the trash. Standing up, she took a look at her fridge and marveled at how sparkling it was and wondered what had taken her so long to clean it. Maybe it was the long black hair willing her away.


October 28th, 2011

I spent what felt like a lifetime
Hearing him tell me I am wrong
Any ideas or expressions
Shot down before too long

Harsh words and a demeaning tone
Forever set me in my place
On no account allowed to grow
Submission hid my grace

How will I escape from his grasp?
Seemed an unattainable dream
One I would not dare to express
Hopeless, what my life seemed

Day upon day of functioning
With no care about what I did
A robot of expectations
With no consent to live

Yet, in my quiet moments
Instances when no one was near
I dare to let my mind wander
Peaking out from the fear

Of beautiful days of sunshine
To be free to do as I please
Composing books full of fancy
Sitting in the warm breeze

I’m not certain how they started
But my feelings began to grow
The cause of further dissension
He reaped what he had sown

Victory was not his to taste
I finally broke from his hold
Free to unearth my love for life
No longer in his mold

Now, I’m living the vision
I thought would never exist
Recovering from his control
Each day of utter bliss

Ambling Existence

January 31st, 2011

Ambling along expressionless,
Oblivious to the hustling pace
I’m neither despondent nor joyless
Simply surviving in life’s constant race

By way of scrutiny you conclude
A deficiency of passion in life
Contrary to what you have construed
Exhaustions not my solitary strife

Clawing skyward indefinitely
Aching for reprieve from stifling debt
Emotive and pecuniary
Plummeting in a chasm of regret

Rising to achieve the height of life
Outcroppings hindering any progress
Pausing, reclaiming my breath from strife
Sensing the slippage, progress regresses

Reassembling resolute thoughts
Ascension once again the objective
Tired, fatigued, mentally distraught
Success, triumph my only incentives

Longing for a substantial respite
It escapes as I collapse once again
Resisting the desire to quit
Ambling forward until I ascend

Probing Ardor

October 13th, 2010

Love, an exhausted remark    
Spoken carelessly flippant     
Nonetheless, ardor blooms    
Leaving the biggest imprint   
Tranquil forlorn hearts race   
Mulling implied acceptance  
Quietude overwhelms once   
Passion subsides to romance
Love, an immense sensation
Encompasses many realms
Intimacy tempts lovers
A penchant to overwhelm
Commitment intensifies
Benevolent to the other
Complacency penetrates
Love, a wearing emotion